Soon to be Mr. & Mrs.~ Crystal & Sandy, Los Angeles, KLK Photography

What can I say about Sandy and Crystal, they are the sweetest couple ever! When we met we hit it off so well, they booked with us on the spot! They have been a blast to work with designing their dream wedding and getting a great team of vendors together for their big day. One of them being Kristi with KLK Photography, she is amazing and her works speaks for itself. For their engagement shoot, Crystal and Sandy wanted to incorporate Union Station because they actually met on the train (I know how sweet!). We are incorporating a bit of train nostalgia into the wedding design to pay homage to their beginning together- such a great story!

Check out some of the incredible images by Kristi:

How gorgeous are they??? Crystal is going to be exquisite on their wedding day!

I give Kristi major props for this awesome shot, the way she lit up the glass behind them is just AWESOME!!!        Figueroa Hotel is so unique and beautiful, the decor is stunning!

How awesome is this shot??? The pinwheel is moving!!! Love love love is all I have to say- Kristi you are amazing!

If you want to check out more of this INCREDIBLE engagement shoot click here.

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3 Responses to “Soon to be Mr. & Mrs.~ Crystal & Sandy, Los Angeles, KLK Photography”

  1. Kristi klemens says:

    SO much fun, and so excited to work beside you at the wedding in just a few weeks, thank you Nat!!! Xo

  2. Angela says:

    Love this!! I especially love the last photo with the pinwheels. Such an awesome engagement session!

  3. Abbi says:

    Kristi, You are such a pleasure to work with! It’s more than refreshing to meet incredibly talented artists that are so humble and such joy to be around. A true professional! Can’t wait to see photos from the wedding today at FG

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